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Interview Questions

I’d like to include interviews with the writers whose work will be published in A CLASS OF MUSES. As a reader what would you like to know about them?  I want to keep it to three questions. Could you give me feedback on what you think are the three best questions? Or if there is something that’s not on the list, I’m open to ideas. Thanks.

1. Where do you write? When?

2. Who is your favorite author?

3. What inspired you to write the work you entered?

4. What is your favorite genre?

5. What is your current project?


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Western Flash Contest Update

We have two entries to the Western Flash Contest, due October 25th. Check out the New Contest page on the top menu bar of this blog for guidelines.

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Flash Short Story Contest Next

As soon as the poetry contest Honorable Mentions are announced, I will move the poems about children to the Archive page and announce the new contest. Since it has a due date of October 15th, I want to give your muse time to formulate an entry.

I need a submission for my anthology, tentatively called “A Class of Muses” which will be at the printers by October 31st. The anthology explores genres and I realized I had nothing in the Western category. Yes, the contest theme will be a western flash story, 500 words or less, with a character arc and a story arc as usual in a longer story.

Winning entry will be published in my anthology.

Due three weeks from today. I know you can do it.

Please do not post any entries yet. I’ll tell you when.

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A Class of Muses

At 53,433 words for NaNoWriMo 2012, we have a rough draft for our class anthology. As in all the post NaNo years, editing and polishing are next on the agenda. The goal is to have it published by February. Since I crammed for five and a half hours, I probably need another NaNo pressure to bring the book out of the computer and into our hands.

It’s 10:30 p.m. November 30th. Congratulations to all the other NaNo winners. See you next year.

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National Novel Writing Month

My NaNoWriMo project this year is not a novel. It’s an anthology called A Class of Muses, and my ID on nanowrimo.org is JMK. I’ve written first drafts of four novels during past Novembers. My third novel, Hada’s Fog, is in its sixth and final draft.

Monday and Tuesday writing class members have submitted stories, poems, essays, blogs, and a group tag story to A Class of Muses. Writing tips will be included and some art work too.

The book probably won’t be 50,000 words, but I will use the time it takes me to write around 2000 words a day to organize the many files into a first draft. I’d like to publish it before the San Francisco Writers Conference in February.

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