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Mainstream Fiction

chisels-The first short story in Written Across the Genres, my anthology available on Amazon, is called “Valuable” by Arleen Eagling. Karen, the protagonist is a widow who is in a tool store where she brings “a starter set of six hand-forged chisels of different sizes, each slipped into separate leather pockets they’d lived in for three years.

“She liked how those tools didn’t shriek and tear wood the way power tools did. This store sold both kinds of tools. The heavyset owner stood at a u-shaped counter in the center of the shop but she avoided eye contact with him. She’d need to compose herself first.”

The genre for “Valuable” is Mainstream Fiction. Written Across the Genres has a variety of stories, essays, and novel excerpts, as examples of genres.

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THEMA is a literary magazine that requests submissions every four months with target themes.  July 1, 2013 is the due date for short stories, essays, poems, photographs, and art that relate to Ten Minutes is a LONG time!

Requirements:  The premise must be an integral part of the plot, not necessarily the central theme but not merely incidental. They prefer fewer than 20 double-spaced pages. The website is themaliterarysocietydotcom. No readers fee and no e-mailed submissions.

Arleen Eagling, one of the members of my critique group and a member of the Dublin Polish Your Fiction class, had a story accepted for the newest issue with the theme, A Week and a Day. Her story is called “Half a Good Chance”. The outstanding cover illustration is by Suzanne Stuhaug.


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