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Artwork Made From Discarded Books

Several photos of art made from discarded books are in this link click here. Fascinating!


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Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”

The screamEdvard Munch created four versions of “The Scream” in various media, three painted and one pastel. The latter was sold at a Modern Art action on May 2, 2012 for $119,922,600, the second highest price paid for a painting at auction.

“The Scream” has been the target of several high-profile art thefts. In 1994, the version in the National Gallery was stolen. It was recovered several months later. In 2004, both “The Scream” and “The Madonna” were stolen from the Munch Museum, and were both recovered two years later.”

A diary entry in 1892 by Munch described his inspiration for the painting:

“One evening I was walking along a path, the city was on one side and the fjord below. I felt tired and ill. I stopped and looked out over the fjord—the sun was setting, and the clouds turning blood red. I sensed a scream passing through nature; it seemed to me that I heard the scream. I painted this picture, painted the clouds as actual blood. The color shrieked. This became The Scream.”[8]”

Thieves stole the pastel version shown here on  the opening day of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Three men were convicted of the theft in May 2006.

“Munch developed an emotionally charged style that served as an important forerunner of the 20th century Expressionist movement. He painted “The Scream” as part of his “Frieze of Life” series, in which sickness, death, fear, love and melancholy are central themes. He died in January 1944 at the age of 81.”

Edvard Munch


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The Rhetorical Device Ekphrasis

Dog with rhetorical deviceEkphrasis is a rhetorical device in which one medium of art tries to relate to another medium by defining and describing its essence and form, and in doing so, relates more directly to the audience, through its illuminative liveliness. Any of the visual arts can be used to highlight the vividness of what is happening, or what is described in a poem or descriptive prose. The visual arts then may enhance the original art and so take on a life of its own through its brilliant description.

For example a painting of a sculpture: the painting is “telling the story of” the sculpture and so becomes a storyteller as well as a story itself. It is the spirit of the story or poem that is retold with another medium in an authentic way and the original is impacted through synergy. (Information from Wikipedia.org./wiki/Ekphrasis.)

The Tri-Valley Branch of the California Writers Club has a Winterfest every two years where members send in photography, painting, sculpture, quilting, or whatever the member creates. A few assigned members choose one piece of art from each member to put on the Tri-Valley website and the other members write a poem, essay, or short story for any piece of art they choose. The written works are put up on the site with the piece of art for display to all the club members.

I entered photographs I had taken of the inside of several tulips from a friend’s garden. Notice tulips from their insides and see how different each one looks. I’m curious which of my photos will be chosen and what a member will write about it. The visual,the tulip, will be impacted by the writing.painting on body

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Quote by Alfred North Whitehead

Alfred North Whitehead said, “Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience.”

Do you agree?  Why or why not?


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Pineterest Break

Taxes are done. I like to take quick breaks with Pineterest.  If you like swans, check out my new pins on my Beauty Board at:    http://pinterest.com/jkleistc/  Sample is from:


and thank you to  follower Kirsty Anderson on Pineterest

for her Swan Board.


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Free 500-word Critique

California Writers Club Tri-Valley Branch members presented photos for writers to compose poems, essays, stories, or comments specifically for each photo.

Find the picture that has the following writing accompanying it. Tell me the name of the photo and the author. The first person with the correct answers will receive a critique for a 500-word short fiction piece.

What’s in a Place?

A rose is a rose

regardless of the garden.

Fine art is fine art

regardless of the gallery. 

Want a clue? Go to http://trivalleywriters.org/winterfest-2013



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Art Is…

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.

~Scott Adams

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