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Novel Revisions

Revision catI’m preparing for a garage sale scheduled in two days and I’m revising 10,000 words of my novel due for a contest on the same day. Actually, taking breaks from boxes of stuff to files on the computer made multitasking a good thing.

One more day to get it all done.

Revision with Grumpy-Cat


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Does Your Protagonist Have a Pet?

siamese on desk by computerMy Norman in the Painting protagonist, Jill Steele, has a female Siamese¬† cat that she named Rocky. Jill enjoys her cat’s company but when trouble starts on Main Street, Rocky is on her own for longer hours. At the end of the novel, Jill will have to make a big decision regarding Rocky. Not a life or death decision, but she’ll have to find a happier home for her pet.

Do you have pets in your novels and short stories?

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My story called “Cat Therapy” that will be published in NOT YOUR MOTHER’S BOOK…ON CATS is about my Russian Blue breed, Susa (one of her many names). She is in her senior years and very thin. At the Farmers Market today, I found a new cat food for her and she loves it. The seller educated us about inflammatory bowel disease which Susa has and this new food will help her gain weight. She’s energetic, intelligent, and one of the best cats I’ve had. She comes when she’s called and greets me at the door when I come home. I’m thrilled to find a certified nutritionist who makes nourishing pet food.


June 22, 2014 · 9:19 pm

Not Your Mother’s Book…On Cats

Not Your Mother's Book...On Cats

My story, “Cat Therapy” was accepted by NOT YOUR MOTHER’S BOOK…On Cat’s due for publication in September this year.


June 7, 2014 · 7:53 pm

Quote about Pavlov

“If Pavlov tested his cat he would have failed.”

_Patrick H.T. Doyle

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