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Have You Listened to a Webinar by Jeanna Gabelini?

Webinar on computer screenI met Jeanna Gabelini in the 1990’s when she became a coach. We hiked together and went to  hear Esther Hicks speak in San Francisco. Now she is successful in her coaching business, she’s a Law of Attraction expert, and conducts Webinars. Jeanna Gabellini head shotI tuned in the other day and enjoyed her enthusiasm and admired the support she offers to help people with their start ups and to increase their revenue.


Jeanna’s website is http://masterpeacecoaching.com/


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Free Breath App for Creativity

Breath integrates body, mind, and spirit. As writers, we often are blocked or have due dates that create stress. BreathResearch.com says, “Studies show that even a short period of breathing awareness reduces stress and improves attention, learning and creativity.”

MyBreath Lite Founder, Nirinjan Yee, created an app for iPhone and iPad that helps you to relax, focus, and center in one to three minutes. It allows you to get a visual impression and an analysis of your breathing patterns.

There are music tracks included, one for writers, is called “The Innocent Land” by Gary Malkin. Listen, absorb, and writing will flow. One can see and monitor the breath and use the coaching tools.  Regular use of the app, increases the ability to reach higher levels of optimal productivity.

Download MyBreath Lite  free at  iTunes app store. (Notice MyBreath is one word.)


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