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Science Fiction Novels and Short Stories

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W. Blake Heitzman is a prolific science fiction writer who includes “a dash of science and technology, along with a smattering of history and paranormal topics in his writing.” He is currently working on The Shaman Gene series, the story of Earth’s rise to join galactic society. A Far Traveler, is the first in the series. Two more novels: Panther Watches and Seekers of the Scroll are in draft.  “His love and respect for the desert weaves through his stories. An avid reader, Heitzman is influenced by his favorite writers: Stephen King, H.G. Wells, Bradbury, Vonnegut, Michael Crichton and Tony Hillerman.”  Check his website for more novels available as eBooks from Amazon and Smashwords.

Here is his description about the fascinating story, “Tales of Weissenbach Bridge”  “There has always been a bridge near Weissenbach in the Black Forest. At first it was just a fallen log, a convenience for the Bronze Age natives to cross the Murg River. Later, when settlements developed nearby, a wooden structure was built. When the Romans came, they converted it to stone. Now days, it’s paved and cars pass over it, but since the beginning, locals have known not to wander upon it under a new moon. This, the bartender’s tale, is the first of several stories about careless or desperate souls who did.
The Bartender is the first story in a developing collection of fantasy stories about a bridge that sometimes changes the lives of those who venture upon it during a new moon night. Others never know what became of them. However, the diligent may find clues in the archives and folklore of the village.”

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Heitzman’s flash fiction book is free through Smashwords. His short story, “Weissenbach Bridge” is included in my anthology, Written Across the Genres available through Amazon. His “A Far Traveler: The First Alien” is a novel excerpt in the anthology as well.

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Flash Fiction Dragon Needs a Name

green dragonI’m writing a flash fiction story with a dragon in it. He’s a good dragon and the protagonist will be a dragon rider. I imagine him to be similar to this picture. I’d like to get some ideas on what to call him. Any thoughts for a name?

Thanks to Jordan Bernal, author of The Keepers of Eire, (on amazon) for the inspiration.


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Visit Coming of Age Croneicles

Ann WinfredIn my last post, I quoted Patricia Flaherty Pagan’s description of flash fiction which she compared to a geode that “reveals crystals shining within.” Readers can find unique flash gems  at http://comingofagecroneicles.com

Ann Winfred, creator of “Coming of Age Croneicles, Voices From Over the Hill,” offers excellent flash stories, essays, and meanderings. “Bats in Our Belfries” is one of my favorites. “Falling in Love Again” has a WOW ending on Maui. Winfred lived in Hawaii for several years and brings the essence of the islands to several of her meanderings, as she likes to call them. “South Texas Harmony” takes the reader on a truck ride to the sensory area where she lives now.  In some shorts, she has introduced Inez, a character who doesn’t want to be found and plays cat and mouse with a private eye who’s on her trail.

The category in the Table of Contents called Voices is “a cornucopia of evocative thoughts and observations from our world’s most elegant minds.” Winfred quotes Eudora Welty, Bette Davis, Grandma Moses, Joan Didion, among many others.

Winfred brings flash stories and essays to a new level of gems in small packages that entertain but also enlighten.


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Flash Fiction Book, UP, DO

Flash fiction bookPatricia Flaherty Pagan edited Up, Do, an anthology of thirty-three flash stories by award-winning and emerging writers. The four categories are “Our Hearts”, “Our Bodies”, “Our possible Futures”, and “Our Dreams; Our nightmares.” In the Introduction, Pagan writes:

“I subscribe to the theory that flash fiction is like a geode of a larger narrative. Slicing through the characters and the highest arc of the plot, the flash writer reveals the crystals shining within. Every movement of the blade, every word typed on the page, is crucial.”

Short stories have become popular again with readers. For writers, flash fiction in its required minimal word count is challenging . Pagan captures the essence of the form in her description. When well-written, flash fiction sparkles like gems in the mind.

I opened Up, Do at random and read, “Time Machine” by Melissa Webster. In its brevity, it evoked as strong a response as I had with the three hour movie in theaters now, Interstellar.

Flaherty Pagan earned her MFAW from Goddard College and founded the mission-oriented indie publisher Spider Road Press. Up, Do is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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Western Short Story Contest Decisions Delayed

Four entries to my Western short story contest have the two judges at opposite ends of  choosing a winner. I asked them to categorize the flash stories from one to four and they each had a totally different list. I’m looking for another judge to break the unusual results.

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New Flash Western Short Story contest due October 25, 2013

The new Flash Western Short Story Contest guidelines are posted.  See the page on the top menu bar. The due date is October 25th since the winning entry will be published in my anthology, A CLASS OF MUSES. The book is going to press the end of this month.  Please check out Wikipedia’s explanation of the Western Genre. I think it will be fun even if you don’t normally write Westerns.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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