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Launch Day Approaches

launch with rocket

Tuesday is the new design launch for Time to Write Now. My webmaster, Paula Gregorowicz, asked me not to post tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday so she can make the transfer from the old to the new.  All my previous posts will  be available as always. The menu bar and banner will be different. I’ll have Small Books as one choice but they are being written so they aren’t available yet, but they are coming soon. One small book is on writing, of course, one on children and adults with special needs, one on changing energy and more.

You will receive my posts in your RSS feed but you will need to submit your email again to receive alerts when I post. Since I took a couple of classes this summer, I’ll have new tips and info for you in the future.

I highly recommend Paula Gregorowicz. http://www.thepaulagcompany.com/website-creation.

She is a patient, efficient, prompt, knowledgeable webmaster. I panicked several times during the process of this remodel and she was there to calm and reassure me. I like change but when it comes to technology, change scares me since I don’t know if I’ll learn the new way of doing what took me so long to implement when I produced Time to Write Now on my own. I know Paula will be there if I need her. What a comfort to know she’s just an email away, https://youtu.be/9BTUn_5VX5s

Frances Caballo is helping me with my social media right now. http://socialmediajustforwriters.com/  Paula and Frances work together on my site. I’m happy to have two guides by my side.

Frances' book blogging for writersFrances's Avoid Time Suck


That’s all for now. I’ll be back in a couple of days.


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Quote and Submissions Request for CHOICES, An Anthology

“Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.”   Unknown

This quote was on Facebook by my friend, Frances Caballo.  I’m posting it because I like it but also as a reminder to those of you who would like to submit to my next anthology with the theme Choices. Short stories and essays maximum word count is 2500. Poems about 20 lines or less. Due by August 1st this year.

On the menu of this blog there is a poetry contest page. I’m taking submissions for the contest until the end of the month, June.

I hope to publish the book by the end of 2014. I need time to put it all together unlike my recently published anthology, WRITTEN ACROSS THE GENRES which my amazing friend, Linda Todd, and I completed in about 3 months. That short time frame was too stressful. Please enter as soon as you can. The email to submit for the book is julainakatsbcglobaldotnet. I put the at and dot words to protect against spam. Substitute the symbols.

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Frances Caballo Book on Social Media

Social Media can be overwhelming, it still is for me. I’ve found Frances Caballo’s book, Social Media Just for Writers, The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books, helpful. It’s an interesting read compared to some books I’ve checked out on the topic.

It doesn’t make the overwhelm any easier, but at least I can absorb some of what she details. I like the two quotes she has on the first few pages:

Pablo Picasso said, “I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Nicholas Sparks said in Message in a Bottle, “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.”

Those quotes she selected encouraged me, and I enjoyed looking at the different pictures of the monitor to see what to do step by step. Now I just need the time to apply it all without too much frustration.

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