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Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

Cornucopia November

Name two things you are grateful for that are unique to you.

I am grateful that I had a pet bearded dragon for a few years and learned about reptiles.

I am grateful for a special tree that I hug two times a week when I walk past it on the way to work.

Your turn.



Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Happy Thanksgving

I am thankful that the finish line for my anthology is close. The process has been difficult, yet delightful. I’m grateful to all the writers who submitted entries and their willingness to make revisions. The goal for the book in hand is February 1st.

I appreciate my helpers, particularly Linda Todd. Without her, the book wouldn’t be polished or ready for the press. Stacey Gustafson volunteered to contact writers for their bios etc.  Jordan Bernal, Paula Chinick, and Ann Winfred appeared with their support when I became overwhelmed. Thank you all.


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