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The NEW #1 Trend in Online Marketing






Are your ducks all in a row when it  comes to online marketing?

If not, would you like to learn:

  • How to use Facebook to get a rush of new clients on demand anytime you want without paying for ads?
  • 3 key steps to instantly position yourself as an expert online and attract high-paying clients… even if you are just starting out?
  • The exact step-by-step process on how to host FREE Online Challenges that skyrocket their visibility, credibility and income?

Some of you, dear followers, might have participated in Alina Vincent’s 5-Day Challenge last week ~ awesome information, right? It was fun, motivating, and rewarding. She held daily drawings for great prizes in Amazon gift cards and a grand prize of $1000.

Participants wanted more of her expertise, so she’s offering FREE training in a LIVE Masterclass! Here are the times:

  • Tuesday, July 17th, 10am Pacific
  • Wednesday, July 18th, 12pm Pacific
  • Thursday, July 19th, 10am & 4pm Pacific

Each day will be the same topic, but as you know, when a training is live, there will be differences. Join here

“I just want my business to be more visible!” – I hear this all the time from the business owners I work with.

And yet – is that really what they want?

What about you?

Do you just want to be more visible?

Or do you want to have more clients?

Or have a consistent, steady stream of income month after month, year after year?

Or have the lifestyle and freedom that consistent (and high) income can provide?

Whatever your goals — it all starts with understanding what’s happening in the online marketing world and how you can leverage it.

Check out what’s working right now to help you instantly position yourself as an expert and attract high-paying clients anytime you want.

Get access right here


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Vacation Time

Mt. Shasta with spaceship cloud I recently came back from a retreat on Mt. Shasta, California, led by my friend singer and songwriter, Jennifer Ruth Russell. Fourteen of us sang, meditated, hiked, ate organic food, and listened to talks by Asara Adams and Bryan Tilghman.

Bryan’s book is one of the best about Telos and connecting with Adama. Click here. He took us on a hike and gave us information we hadn’t read in his book.

Bryan Tilghman's book cover

Asara AdamsJennifer invited Asara to our cabins to be available for any questions we had about Mt. Shasta. We shared a delicious meal with Asara and her fiancee that was made by a local caterer.

I had never been on a retreat before and Jennifer made this one outstanding. She recently published a book, click here.

I’ll see you all again.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin


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