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Written Across The Genres eBook Is $.99 Today.

Today is the date the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) discount begins for the eBook version of Written Across the Genres. The price goes up to $1.99, then $2.99, $3.99, and back to regular price $4.99. There’s a countdown on the right of the sales page to remind you about price increases. click here.

Wag  complete from AmazonIf you continue to read books in the same genre, check out Written Across the Genres for samples of a variety of stories in mystery, spy thriller, memoir, romance, sci-fi, historic fiction, western, fantasy, women’s fiction, young adult, essays, poetry and more.

At the end of the book two collaborative mystery stories with the same setting and beginning take off in totally different directions, which is interesting to compare. Twenty people contributed to the stories in a way similar to when we were children and played telephone.

Tell your friends who would be interested and catch it now for this discounted price. Click here.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor Written Across the Genres

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Hada’s Fog (available in 2018)


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Written Across the Genres Is On KDP Special $.99 Tomorrow, Wednesday

Wag  complete from Amazon

Written Across the Genres contains a variety of fiction and non-fiction examples to explore within genre designations. Stories, excerpts, essays, and poems express the characteristics of each category.

  • Meet dragons, a child trapped in an ice chest, a pregnant, homeless teenager, talking animals.
  • Flee from revolutionary Hungary.
  • Time travel to a bridge into the past.
  • Share women’s struggles in love relationships.
  • Learn about Aloha spirit and try a new recipe.
  •  Plan a caper with criminals.
  •  Join a female attorney threatened by corrupt doctors.
  •  Escape with a Russian expat from Japanese occupied Shanghai and more

If you would like to sample different genres than the ones you normally read, here are several samples. Click here for the 99 cents KDP special tomorrow, Wednesday.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin





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Would You Like to Know About the Volcano Rabbit?

volcano rabbit endangeredThe volcano rabbit is an endangered species. It is one of the smallest and oldest of the rabbit species, measuring about twelve inches long and weighs about one pound. They have “short brown to black fur, short legs and rounded ears. This species of rabbit does not have any visible tail.”

Their habitat is “on the slopes of four volcanoes in central Mexico, south of Mexico City.” Populations are dwindling because of “habitat destruction, climate change, and hunting.” Mexican law made hunting the Volcano Rabbit illegal.

The above information is from http://www.warriorechidna.blogspot.com/

“”To learn more about the Volcano Rabbit, visit the following sites:




*IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature”

Volcano rabbit sleeping

Sleeping Volcano Rabbit

I think these rabbits living on the slopes of volcanoes would make excellent characters for children’s stories.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres



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Lions Give Hugs too

The Best Hug


Here is another scene where a lion remembers his owners who rescued him and played with him when he was a cub.

Beautiful ending with hugs.  

If this link doesn’t open here, it’s worth clicking and going to YouTube to see Christian the Lion’s full story and the two men who rescued him from a cage in a London store.  (Hover over the link and press control to go to YouTube.

If you have links to share about animal hugs, put them in the comment section.






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Cats With Trees At Christmas Time

Cat decorated tree drawn

Cats in Christmas trees blue russian

This cat isn’t mine but it’s the same breed as my Spiriti.

Cat by tree in statue poseWaiting for treats.

cat teaching treesLearning from a pro.

cats 3 wide eyedWho said?

cat under blanket under treeWait until they go to sleep.

cats looking our of snowy windowSo where is that big guy in a sleigh?

Cat n dog with santa hatsBoring.

cat black laying in white treeComfortable?

cat sleeping with presentsWe are.

cat in dark with string of lightsCom’on, it’s fun.

cats and trees end shot 2And to all a good night.



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Our Pets

Dog between couple showing feet

Our pets are part of our family. According to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet),  here is a chart of the most popular pets.  I’ve had a cat in all the seventeen places I’ve lived. What kind of pet do you have?

Most popular pets in the U.S (millions)[17][18]
Pet Global population U.S. population U.S. inhabited households U.S. average per inhabited household
Cat 202 93.6 38.2 2.45
Dog 171 77.5 45.6 1.70
Fish N/A 171.7 13.3 12.86
Small mammals N/A 15.9 5.3 3.00
Birds N/A 15.0 6.0 2.50
Reptiles & amphibians N/A 13.6 4.7 2.89
Equine N/A 13.3 3.9 3.41

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November 22, 2015 · 10:11 pm

Blog Sites Question

under constructionHi Everyone,

We had trouble importing followers to my new site:  http://www.timetowritenow.com/

and changing this site to a new domain name: Julaina Kleist-Corwin.

Since I haven’t heard from many of you since the launch in August, I’d appreciate knowing if it is because you didn’t know the URL for the new site (because  followers didn’t make it there), or ???

Since I changed this domain name, I intend to work both blogs. The new one will continue to be about writing.

This site  I’d like to be more interactive with you being able to post here too. Plus posting more photos with themes, for instance photos of you writers with your pet, pictures of your favorite writing space, short short essays and stories you’ like to share, etc.

I’m planning to post essays by the members of my writing class and their short shorts of an object as a character, for instance “Freddy the Footstool”. Stay tuned but please let me know if you have been receiving posts from the new site.

Thanks so much,


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Launch Day Approaches

launch with rocket

Tuesday is the new design launch for Time to Write Now. My webmaster, Paula Gregorowicz, asked me not to post tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday so she can make the transfer from the old to the new.  All my previous posts will  be available as always. The menu bar and banner will be different. I’ll have Small Books as one choice but they are being written so they aren’t available yet, but they are coming soon. One small book is on writing, of course, one on children and adults with special needs, one on changing energy and more.

You will receive my posts in your RSS feed but you will need to submit your email again to receive alerts when I post. Since I took a couple of classes this summer, I’ll have new tips and info for you in the future.

I highly recommend Paula Gregorowicz. http://www.thepaulagcompany.com/website-creation.

She is a patient, efficient, prompt, knowledgeable webmaster. I panicked several times during the process of this remodel and she was there to calm and reassure me. I like change but when it comes to technology, change scares me since I don’t know if I’ll learn the new way of doing what took me so long to implement when I produced Time to Write Now on my own. I know Paula will be there if I need her. What a comfort to know she’s just an email away, https://youtu.be/9BTUn_5VX5s

Frances Caballo is helping me with my social media right now. http://socialmediajustforwriters.com/  Paula and Frances work together on my site. I’m happy to have two guides by my side.

Frances' book blogging for writersFrances's Avoid Time Suck


That’s all for now. I’ll be back in a couple of days.


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Where Did Maya Angelou like to work?

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelo did very little of her writing at home. She said that the comfort of her house was too distracting. “Angelou elected to write in the anonymous tranquility of what she described as “tiny, mean” hotel rooms. She typically rented the rooms for months at a time, and arrived early in the morning armed with only her writing materials and a Bible, a bottle of sherry and a deck of cards (which she claimed helped busy her “little mind”). Angelou ensured that the rooms were as spare as possible to sharpen her focus, and she often wrote while reclining on her side on the hotel bed. In an interview with the “Paris Review,” she confessed that one of her elbows was “rough with callouses” from lying on it for long hours each day.” (information from History.com.)

Angelou said, “When I’m writing, I am trying to find out who I am, who we are, what we’re capable of, how we feel, how we lose and stand up, and go on from darkness into darkness.”

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

She was born on April 4th, 1928 and died on May 28, 2014.


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Klinkenborg Writes About Metaphor

metaphors be with you

My critique partner in Corpus Christi and I are reading Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg. I’m opening the book at random instead of reading it cover to cover. Today, on p. 43 the topic was metaphor. Klinkenborg states that often metaphors are like

“A stage prop, a paraphrase, a clarification, at best,

Nearly always cumbersome, bordering on cliche,

Almost always timid, rarely serious, usually self-conscious,

And too often stretched out over three or four sentences

In order to create an extended metaphor,

Which is a cruel analogical death.”

Yes, he wrote with commas and capitals after them in the visual form of a poem. And, it’s a very long sentence in a book about short sentences. But as he continues, it’s one of the best ways to think of metaphors that I’ve read.

“A true metaphor is a swift and violent twisting of language,

A renaming of the already named.

It’s meant to expire in a sudden flash of light

And to reveal–in that burst of illumination–

A correspondence that must be literally accurate.

Any give in the metaphor, any indeterminacy,

And it becomes a cloud of smoke, not a flash of light.

Like any rhetorical device, the less you use it, the more

effective it is.”

I admire one writer who uses metaphor on every page and meets the description above with mastery in her book The Mermaid’s Chair. That writer is Sue Monk Kidd.

Have you read a metaphor that didn’t quite make the “flash” that Klinkenborg calls it?


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