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Claim Your Free Bonus For Writers From Me …

As you know, I’ve been posting about Alina Vincent’s expertise in running PROFITABLE online challenges. Her program, “Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges” Program, is available for purchase only until midnight this  Sunday. Click here.

I’m such a fan of this HOT new trend for reaching more people, that I’ve decided to help you start building your own Online Challenges, especially if you are an author with a book for sale.

When you enroll in Alina’s program before the cart closes, I’ll give you this BONUS to help you fully leverage your training in her program … but you’ve got to enroll before she closes up registration at midnight Sunday.

Here is my bonus:

5-Day Challenge Tips for Writers

  • Customize Your Challenge on a 1-1 Zoom call with me – (30 minutes) (value $147)
  • Author Focused Samples of  5-Day Challenge Videos (value $197)
  • Video interview to promote your challenge (value $157)

Total value: $480

FREE when you sign up for Alina’s “Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges” before Sunday at midnight.

The combination of Alina’s “Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges” Program with my author focused bonus can positively increase your profits.

Are you ready to make that happen? Click here.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Valuable Bonuses When You Say Yes!

BONUS WORD__340If you’ve attended Alina Vincent’s Webinar, you’ve discovered she is offering  her on-line course that gives the step-by-step  process to do a 5-Day Challenge. The course  includes valuable sample copy and templates.

I took the course last year and created two 5-Day challenges after I completed it. They were exciting to do and interaction with participants was fun, plus successful results. I’m excited to be planning another one for this fall.

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 19th, 4pm Pacific,  is the last day to watch Alina’s LIVE webinar with Q & A time and bonus offers. Click here to join.

You will learn her proven step-by-step formula for getting clients from Facebook by doing 5-Day challenges. Stay to the end of the webinar for course info and bonuses for attendees that are exactly what you’d want. The cart opens after the webinar link here,

I will be offering two bonuses for writers  who sign up for Alina’s course with my link.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a post here or on my other blog site: https://timetowritenow.com for details about my bonuses.

If you sign up during Alina’s webinar today to receive her bonuses,  I’ll be sure to give you mine tomorrow. To be eligible, you need to use this link to join Alina’s FREE Webinar. Click here.

Don’t miss these opportunities.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin



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Save It ~ You’ll Be Glad You Did.

download free wordsHave you found things you knew would be valuable in the future but you didn’t have time to use them right away? Did you save them?

I used to save physical objects, but I’m in declutter mode, so I’m giving away what I don’t what or need anymore.

However, if I find real informational value ONLINE, I make sure I copy and paste or download a document to save for the future. You know that saying, “Save it for a rainy day.” It often meant collecting money for a day when you might need it.  rainy day sad figure

For me, saving good reference information for when I’ll need it has made a big difference for my blog posts, Facebook Group interactions, helping clients and writers, and for inspiration to make my business grow.

I have a gem for you even if you don’t think you will need it, save it anyway. Diamond

Alina Vincent offers a FREE 10 page checklist for everything you want to know in conducting a 5-Day Challenge. Maybe you never heard about a 5-Day challenge and you don’t have time to deal with the information now, SAVE the checklist anyway. Click here to put it in your treasure file.

I offered two 5-Day Challenges last year and not only successfully increased the number of loyal fans, I became known as an expert in my field. Alina is right, challenges work for getting you “out there.” It only takes a minute to click here.

Now days, Facebook SEO values interaction more than likes. Challenges create interaction.

But, I know you’re busy and don’t want another thing to think about.

It’s okay, just save the checklist, you will be glad you did. Click here.

treasure chest of gems

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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• Free Checklist – The Essential Elements of a Successful Facebook Challenge

checklist with pink pen

As online strategies and platforms change at a super fast pace, you may feel overwhelmed keeping up with how to get clients online or readers of you  book.

I know that I’m always looking for what’s working NOW…

And what’s working is Facebook Challenges. I’ve run them myself with outstanding results!

My friend and go-to Online Challenges expert, Alina Vincent, has mapped out the exact steps to take before, during and after your challenge to ensure you get the results you want.

You can discover the simple, yet essential elements that translate into higher engagement, higher impact and higher conversions with the …

Brand New “Profitable 5-Day Challenge Checklist”

And you can get a free copy here!

Doing challenges right can skyrocket you getting more and more clients. That’s why having someone like Alina share all of the things you need to be successful with them is imperative.

This checklist will only be available for a few days, so I recommend…

… you download your copy now. It’s FREE. Click here.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

P.S. When your participants see results just after a few days, they are more likely to spread the word about you and your challenge. The Checklist has 7 key areas to get the best results for you, your participants and your business …

… You just need to follow the simple steps that Alina outlines!

Click here to Get it Now

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• Just a few days left …

Alina standing with arms up halfwayJust a few days left to join me in Alina Vincent’s 5-Day Visibility Kickstarter Challenge. It’s fun and easy. Each day she does a random drawing of participants for a $25 Amazon gift certificate, plus you will learn how to be more visible on the noisy internet. And it’s FREE! Click here.

Don’t miss your chance to join in on this opportunity.

The challenge is already underway and it’s exciting to see many talented entrepreneurs getting seen and getting results!

You can catch up on the short videos (less than 8 minutes long) from Day 1 and 2, and continue to the end on Friday. To join, click here. 

See you there,

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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• It’s not too late to join

Alina Vincent headshot

Social Proof is one of the best ways to increase conversion in any of your offerings …

… and that’s exactly why thousands of people have already joined Alina Vincent’s 5-Day Visibility Kickstarter Online Challenge.

You can get in on the action here.  It’s not to late to join here.

When you see others loving on and thanking an expert in your field, it’s social proof that they are the ONE to go to for their expertise.

As YOU increase your online visibility, your own social proof will increase …

… and you’ll be able to grow your influence and income faster and easier than ever before…

I love how that works for me, every time!

Don’t miss your chance to join in on this opportunity.  Click here.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

P.S. The challenge is already underway and it’s so exciting to see so many talented entrepreneurs getting seen and getting results!

… And did I mention it’s FREE to join AND there are PRIZES!

Join here for the next few days. Join here.

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Mothers day glitter rays

What will you do to celebrate today?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

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Video: How the E Book, Success Is Yours! Was Created

Donna Kozik’s community book project, Success is Yours! reached Amazon best seller ranking in two categories. Watch a short video, 3 minutes, on how it was created. Click here.


#1 best seller


Watch the 3 minute video about the path of this unique eBook to being a best seller:



Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Written Across the Genres



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Success Is Yours! eBook Launches Today $.99

Me and Idol quote

Today is LAUNCH day for Success is Yours! 

Click here to buy the eBook for 99 CENTS

Be inspired for success by 70 short (200 word-count) essays. Great to read before you turn off the lights and dream of your success.

Donna Kozic developed this community book project to celebrate success week, join in the fun today. One click and you’re there.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Life Quote

_Life is not about what happens to you. Life is all about how you choose to respond._

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