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Hada’s Fog Will Be a Blogged Book

Fog 2 for Hada

After reading Nina Amir’s book, How to Blog a Book, I’ve decided to blog Hada’s Fog. A new scene or chapter will be posted three times a week. I’ve wanted the drafts I’ve written to be perfect before letting anyone, besides my critique group, read it, but Amir said some people blog a first or second draft of a novel or non-fiction book.  When the posts are completed, they are put into manuscript form, sent to an independent editor, revised, and then made into an E-book or printed on demand, or whatever way is preferred. Amir states on p. 78, “You want to put your best words forward–up to a point. You don’t want to become a perfectionist or this will deter you from publishing posts frequently.

“Consider your blogged book your first or second draft.” On P. 79, she reassures the writer again, “The blogged version does not have to be perfect, and hopefully you’ll find that fact to be creatively freeing.” Amir gave me confidence that my Hada’s Fog posts could be a draft. She’s right, that fact is creatively freeing. After all the time I’ve spent on the novel, why not blog it?

My webmaster is on vacation, and I have questions in regard to where the novel chapters will be posted. I think Hada’s Fog will need it’s own blog site. Time to Write Now will continue to be various topics about writing, but I also can use it to let readers know when a new scene or chapter has been posted to Hada’s blog.

Amir said she maintained four blogs while she posted How to Blog a Book. She wrote and published her first draft on the internet in five months. She sent her finished, polished final version to her agent who marketed the book. After a few rejections, she sent it to Writer’s Digest Books for the second time. She was eager to get the book out quickly. “I wanted to be first to market with the idea. I told her (the agent) I would self-publish if need be…”   The acquisitions editor and the publisher accepted the book if Amir would agree to write 10,000 more words. Writer’s Digest Books wanted to be first to market the concept too, so she was given a deadline of just eight weeks for the additional word count. She met the due date in spite of a busy time in her life. Her traditionally published book proved that the advice she had written in it for blogging a book “really does work.”



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Website and Blog

under construction

Time to Write Now will be down for a few days while my website master works on my site. I’m not sure when that will happen, but sometime between late next week and August 12th. A new look replaces the row of books and the green background. The blog’s name and link will be the same and all you wonderful followers will continue to receive notices as usual.

I will add a new For Sale page. I’ve researched how to make packets and modules to sell at an inexpensive price. The teacher in me can’t resist an opportunity to offer what I’ve learned in order to help people in different situations. For instance, one packet is my experience as a Special Education teacher and will include stories and resources for parents of severely medically challenged children. Another packet will be information for writers in lesson formats for beginners and experienced. And, I might take Nina Amir’s advice and have another page to blog a book–probably Lilli, my YA novel. 

If anyone wants to make suggestions for other topics that would be helpful, let me know.

Here is the link to Nina Amir’s book:  Blog a book


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Blogging Books and Book a Blog

joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander

Nina Amir

Nina Amir

Today I listened to a replay of a youtube presentation by Nina Amir and Joel Friedlander. I have Nina’s book titled How to Blog a Book, but this webinar expanded the opportunities that she explained in her book . She has teamed up with Friedlander to package several templates and a guidebook to aid writers in blogging a book or to book a blog. She explained the difference in the terms and explained the steps, disadvantages, and advantages of both.

Sometimes I watch the clock for a webinar to be over, however with this one, I didn’t think of the time. Nina’s presentation was clear, concise, and inspiring.

Thanks Nina and Joel.


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San Francisco Writing for Change Conference This Saturday

SF Writing for ChangeSeptember 6th, the 6th San Francisco Writing for Change Conference will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Center, Geary @ Franklin from 8:15 to 5:30. The conference theme is “Changing the world one book at a time: writing fiction and nonfiction to make a difference.”

The keynote speaker is Adam Hochschild,  “Writing About a Changing World.” Nina Amir will talk about “7 Steps to Becoming a Change Agent.” There will be the opportunity to speed date with the pros. Attendees can pitch their book to presenters at the Pitch and Learn session.

Check out all the editors, publicists and agents you’ll meet there:



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Blogging a Book

Most writers know that we have to build a platform since publishers expect us to promote our books these days. One suggestion is to write parts of your book or all of it in a series of blogs to create interest in you. On the back of Nina Amir’s book, HOW TO BLOG A BOOK, it reads “the first-ever guide to writing and publishing a saleable non-fiction book based on blog content.”  She guides us “through the process of developing targeted blog content that will increase your chances of publication and maximize you visibility as an author.”

Chapter 9 is “How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Profit and Promotion”

I like the idea of transforming my blog posts into a book. I started with blogspot.com but since I’m with WordPress now,  I’d like to put those years of bloggling into use again, instead of letting them sit out there.

If putting your blogs into book form is what you’d like to do now or think you might in the future, check out Nina’s book, published by Writers Digest.

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