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Book Launch with Home Improvement Stories

Going to a book launch tonight. Julie Rice, author of PILZ, Camille Thompson, and Stacey Gustafson have stories in NOT YOUR MOTHER’S BOOK with the subtitle of Home Improvement. They will be reading from the book and I’m sure it will be fun. All three have a sense of humor that is reflected in their stories.

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Beware Free Coupons

Check out Stacey Gustafson’s blog:

“Beware of Free Coupons, Strangers Bearing Gifts.” Click on my link to release the laughter, www.staceygustafson.com

I am also thrilled to announce that my story, “War in the Skies,” will be published March 26 in the anthology series, Not Your Mother’s Book…On Travel. This is my second story in the Not Your Mother’s Book series.  It will be available for purchase on Amazon.  Go get your funny on!

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