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Romance Short Story Excerpt

FrontCover of Written Across the GenresHIIn my last post about my anthology, I gave an example of a romance novel by Sharon Svitak called Simply Irresistible.  Nalini Davison’s story, “Hot and Cool”   is a romance short story. Here are a few paragraphs.

“He paced back and forth in front of Claire. After a few minutes, he threw his arms skyward and gave her a look of desperation. “Listen, I’m not psychotic, or don’t think I am. Never had visions. But I’m having one now, or something like it. I see fire coming out from your head. No, not fire. It’s a bright golden light that’s pulsating. You could be one of those Renaissance portraits of Mary with the halo.”

“I’m not exactly the Virgin Mary type,” she said with an impish look. She sat very still and watched him.

“Then why is your head hot? Why am I seeing all that light?” He backed away, crossed his arms, and tugged on his shirtsleeves.

“Byron, what are you doing? Please, don’t move away from me. It makes me feel as if something is horribly wrong.”

“Maybe it is.”

To find out what happens, check out Written Across the Genres on Amazon or Kindle or order from local book stores.

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The Romance Category in Written Across the Genres

Sharon Shivak Simply IrresistibleIn previous posts, I gave examples of Mainstream Fiction short stories published in my anthology, Written Across the Genres. The Romance Section features two short stories, three poems, and an excerpt from Sharon Burgess’ novel, Simply Irresistible, which she published on July 11, 2014. It is available on Amazon or it can be ordered at local bookstores.

Here are a few paragraphs where Jordan pays attention to his newly hired veterinary assistant, Kat, for the first time:

Suddenly coming back to himself, he spoke abruptly, “Well, Ms. Morelli that was a timely intervention you made. However, I am not certain how you think we should resolve the problem. You are aware, are you not, that I don’t have a senior discount policy at this clinic?”

“Well, you should have.” She straightened her back and glared with a force five tornado assaulting Mount Rushmore. “Old people living on pensions can’t afford high prices. Frequently, their pets are the only family they have, the only ones who care about them. Seniors are forced to choose between feeding themselves and taking care of their animals.”

“And why should this concern me?” Jordan asked. He saw a look of disgust on her face. His attitude had shocked her. He wasn’t certain why he cared, but suddenly he didn’t want this pert young woman to think badly of him.

FrontCover of Written Across the GenresHIWritten Across the Genres is available on Amazon and Kindle or local bookstores.

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