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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge — Day 2

Here it is Day 2 of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge. Thanks again to Erika Kind  9781452593708_COVER.indd

from https://erikakind.wordpress.com for the invitation to participate.

My quote:

“The historical novelist gleans the rubble of the past, tastes the grit, extracts the jewels.”

Sheila Bali wrote it in her blog post titled “How History Leads to Historic Fiction” published in my anthology Written Across the Genres.

Sheila photo on webFrontCover of Written Across the GenresHI

Sheila’s work in progress is Shattered Tears for My Homeland about her escape as a child from Hungry during the revolution in 1956.

The rules for the challenge are:

  • Thank the blogger, who nominated you.
  • Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own. Don’t forget to acknowledge the source with a link.
  • Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.

My nominees:




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Interview with Writer Sheila Bali

Sheila's westieIn yesterday’s post, I asked if anyone’s protagonist had a pet. Sheila Bali answered, “Yes, a Westie.”  I didn’t know what a Westie looked like so I found this picture on the internet. Sheila,   this one might not look like yours, but it gives us an image. They are very cute dogs.

Sheila Bali has two blog posts and a novel excerpt in my anthology, Written Across the Genres, which is available on Amazon. Her blog posts are called, “How History Leads to Historical Fiction” and “Navigating the Torrid Waters of Writing.” The excerpt is from her novel in progress called Shattered Tears for My Homeland.

FrontCover of Written Across the GenresHI

Here is a short interview with Sheila Bali:
Julaina:  Who is your favorite author and his/her genre?

Sheila: I read different genres, however if I had to narrow it down, it would be fiction. I have numerous favorite authors.
Julaina:  Why do you write?

Sheila: I have vivid thoughts and before long they turn into movies that reel a story onto a leaf of paper.
 Julaina: Where do you like to write?

Sheila: It depends on the day and my mood. I prefer the dining room table with a vase of flowers placed on it. They’re reminders that my dogs need to take me for walks, otherwise I never see the light of day.
Julaina: What are you working on now?

Sheila: I’m working on an historical fiction based on a family’s exodus during the murderous 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Julaina:  Thanks for stopping by, Sheila. Good luck with your novel.

Here are links to Sheila’s social media:



(@ sheila_ bali) | Twitter


Sheila photo on web

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Winners of the Group Poem Contest

Jennifer King, poetry instructor and director of the Downtown Oakland Senior Center, gave us the final vote for the winner of the group poem title contest. The title is ………… “Cadence” by Violet Carr Moore!! I asked for a second and third place designation too. Vi also won the third place for “Time”. Vi is the past president of the California Writers Club, Tri-Valley Branch. She has won a writer’s basket with two books and a few other fun items. Visit Vi’s blog at:



Second place winner is Sheila Bali for “Point in Time”!  She will receive a book the next time she comes to class in Dublin, hopefully Monday. Sheila Bali is writing a historical memoir of her escape from Hungary as a child in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution. Visit Sheila at her blog: sheilabali.com/wordpress.


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Social Media Workshop

Sheila Bali, author of SHATTERED TEARS FROM MY HOMELAND, and Paula Chinick, author of RED ASSCHER, plan a social media workshop for California Writers Club Tri-Valley Chapter members.


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Musings on History and Historical Fiction

Excellent post that includes quotes from our Sheila Bali!

Musings on History and Historical Fiction.


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