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“Saving Sheena” a Short Story by Jan Davies

Sheena's body builderJan Davies short story called “Saving Sheena” is in the Mainstream Fiction section of Written Across the Genres, my anthology available on Amazon and Kindle and can be ordered at a local bookstore.

Sheena’s grown and married children are worried that she’s lonely living by herself. Here’s is an excerpt:

“All five pairs of eyes focused on the man that had just invaded their space. His limbs seemed to go on forever. Brian surmised he was at least a foot taller than his own 5’7″ stature. Steph thought his shoulders were going to bust out of that black silk tee that clung ever so snug around bulging biceps. Monica couldn’t stop staring at those big eyes that looked like the ocean had just poured itself into them, and Allen couldn’t stop wondering how this young man could know his mother-in-law?”

Check out what happens in this family with the new arrival.

FrontCover of Written Across the GenresHI

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Character Becomes Alive

About ten years ago, I wrote a short story about a character that loved ambrosia. I titled the story “Ambrosia”. Yesterday, I saw, in real life, the character who was a real person, eating ambrosia. Her physical appearance and movements as she ate it were identical to my character.  The plot didn’t manifest, not yet anyway, but it was almost like a deja vu with a fictional character.


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Harlequin Accepted my Short Story

My short story titled, “The Crumpled Card”, has been accepted for publication by Harlequin for their 2013 Christmas anthology called, A KISS UNDER THE MISTLETOE, edited by Jennifer Basye Sander. It will be available later this year.


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Shared my story, “Immersed in Finding Him” with my friends where the red tulips competed for attention.

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January 25, 2013 · 10:44 pm