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How Many Bridges In Paris?

Paris Bridge royaltyWe hear that writers should write what they know. I agree to a certain extent but I prefer to write articles about what I don’t know and/or what I’m passionate enough to find out.

For example, I’ve been to Paris three times and among all the amazing sites, I’m intrigued with the bridges. I read somewhere that there are 420 bridges in Paris. I wondered about the accuracy of that large number.

I checked with Wikipedia:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bridges_in_Paris  Source : Ville de Paris 

 “In 2006, Paris had :
  • 37 bridges over the Seine
  • 58 bridges used to carry Parisian streets over each other
  • 10 bridges used by the RATP
  • 33 bridges used by the SNCF
  • 148 bridges over the boulevard périphérique
  • 49 pedestrian bridges or “passerelles piétonnières”.

At https://answers.yahoo.com/question Brant answered my question about how many bridges in Paris:

“127, from Montereau to the English Channel, with 70 to 90 in the Paris Metropolitan area, depending on where you draw the lines. A couple of these appear to be foot bridges and I didn’t count spillways. Also, where one road continues over an island in the river and has a bridge on both sides, I counted that as only one. There were at least twenty of those. So technically, the actual number could be over 150, if you count each section of bridge.”  

The statistics added to my interest.  I filed them in “Article Ideas” and look forward to selecting free images of Paris bridges to add to the article. I plan to do more research about them as well.

What topics inspire you to write?

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