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Would You Like to Know About the Volcano Rabbit?

volcano rabbit endangeredThe volcano rabbit is an endangered species. It is one of the smallest and oldest of the rabbit species, measuring about twelve inches long and weighs about one pound. They have “short brown to black fur, short legs and rounded ears. This species of rabbit does not have any visible tail.”

Their habitat is “on the slopes of four volcanoes in central Mexico, south of Mexico City.” Populations are dwindling because of “habitat destruction, climate change, and hunting.” Mexican law made hunting the Volcano Rabbit illegal.

The above information is from http://www.warriorechidna.blogspot.com/

“”To learn more about the Volcano Rabbit, visit the following sites:




*IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature”

Volcano rabbit sleeping

Sleeping Volcano Rabbit

I think these rabbits living on the slopes of volcanoes would make excellent characters for children’s stories.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres



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