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summer fun old fashion

Now that summer is half over and school will begin in about a month, how have your children spent their free time? Our house is in a court with three families who have children under the age of 11. They’ve been playing basketball and baseball in the mornings and evenings. The afternoon is too hot. My cat likes to watch them and so do I. Their team sportsmanship, their social interactions when they are distracted, and their determination to win are inspiring. Last summer, I wrote a poem about how considerate they were toward each other during a game. This year I thought of a couple short stories to show the changes they are making as they grow up.

A prompt to write memoir flash fiction or write in a journal to record this special year in their lives would be valuable in the future. They will be different next summer.

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Writing Prompt in a Quote

lost quoteCoppola name on wire arch entranceToday I went with three of my long time friends to meet a mutual friend at Frank Coppola’s Winery Restaurant. We had an hour and a half drive from the south and the friend from the north had about 45 minutes to get there.

Heavy, dark clouds followed us and a misty rain teased the windshield as we drove through the wine country. The positive energy as we passed under the Coppola’s arc increased. An impressive castle-like building and swimming pool welcome visitors. The restaurant with movie artifacts surrounding it serves excellent food, especially the salmon.  Each of the five of us takes a turn bringing our symbolic bling-covered centerpiece. At our last meeting, it appeared to be irretrievable because no one said they had it. Today it took it’s place on the wood table and Carol admitted that she had had it all along.

She said, “I lost what was in plain sight.”

What a great idea for a short story or novel. It’s general enough to fit any genre. It has a poignant feel and for me, it’s a hook.

What was lost? When it was found, was it too late or was it a solution?

What does Carol’s quote mean for you?

coppola with camera

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